Company's Profile
Business Name: GO I.T Services (GITS FIJI)
Business Slogan: Technology Consulting
Founder: Shalen Chand
Year Founded: 3rd December 2009
Location: Suva, Fiji Islands
Address: Suite 4, Waimanu Rd, Suva.
Email Address: accts@gitsfiji.com

Business History and Description:

The Official Operation of GO I.T Services (GITS FIJI) Started From 3rd December 2009.

At that time, the business started off with a low scale, which includes repairing of computers for its client, but within one year of its successfully operation, we got involved with government and corporate organization, where we did networking, hosting and other Server activities.

As Time moves on, we becomes more involves in the community, Today we look after over 50 corporate businesses and government  organization together with over 100 households and small business.

We are also authorized dealer for Kaspersky, Acronis backup software and many more. We also do domain registrations, hosting, email via Google business apps And Many more, 

We also provide custom made solutions as well. You name it we do it For You.